About Us

Bras for A Cause

Incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation in 2018 Bras For A Cause is a volunteer based organization raising funds to extirpate breast cancer especially through early intervention mammograms. We operate throughout California with events in cities such as the Central Valley (Fresno), Los Angeles, and the Bay Area. All of these areas will culminate in our signature event of the year: the annual Bras For A Cause Celebration Dinner. 

“At bras for a cause you are actively involved in the mission to take back your health and defeat breast cancer with proven programs and the support of professionals.”

– Angelique Smith

Collaboration is Key

We actively sponsor and collaborate with other organizations throughout the state and across the country. Through our program services, we are able to educate, teach and provide the latest accurate information and support about integrated cancer care, cancer prevention, recovery, treatment, early detection, and survival.

Our Vision

To ensure all woman have access to the best breast cancer support empowerment and education thereby improving the lives of women in our area.

Our Mission Statement

Bras for a Cause is on a mission to celebrate, inspire and educate women who are fighting breast cancer. We do this by partnering with local community resources to provide the necessary education and applicable options for breast cancer-related matters. By doing this we strive to give women added confidence to own their femininity. Bras for a Cause celebrates the strength of all women who are living with and surviving breast cancer.

What We Do

Bras For A Cause is committed to empowering people living with breast cancer, survivors, and their loved ones by giving comprehensive up to date, trustworthy information, ensuring that all Californian, uninsured or underinsured have access to mammograms and related medical programs or projects. We are women standing for women, becoming an army of fighters for every Californian. We would love to hear your stories and ideas. Email Bras For A Cause Founder.

Our Values


We recognize the strength in the women we work with and support their desire to have control over their breast cancer journey. We talk to our service users and supporters about what’s great in them – not just what’s good about us. Their victories are our victories.


Earn trust through ethical behavior and uncompromising professionalism and to remain aware that we hold the resources from our donors in sacred trust for the fulfillment of our mission.

Positive Attitude

Breast cancer can take a great toll on women, but we focus on what we can put back. We look for solutions in everything and we know we can make any situation better. Even at their lowest point, we do our best to help people find a more positive outlook.


We reflect the bravery and determination of the women and families we work with. We’re committed to supporting women through the good days and the bad – making sure they get the additional help and treatment they need every step of the way.

Our Process

  • Making sure contributions reach designated place at the right time for the right person
  • We distribute products for support of those who have been affected by breast cancer
  • Raising funds through events such as the annual Bras For A Cause Celebration Dinner, Zumbathon, Liques Boutiques and ScrubCan Annual Bra and Wig Drive
  • Raising awareness throughout the state that support is available in need
  • Building a network of outreach to other California communities
  • Exchanging ideas, collaborating and consulting nationally and locally with relevant groups


2037 W Bullard Ave Ste. #173
Fresno Ca, 93711


(559) 317-4739